Doctoral Studies

The doctoral program in social work leads to a "PhD in Social Work". With a PhD in social work you can work as a researcher and lecturer at colleges and universities, or work as a researcher, investigator or in a management position within governments or other public organisations.

The department has over 15 active graduate students. All the graduate students are included among the institution's staff and do some teaching, but they mostly carry out research. Graduate students are also included as active members in one or several of the institution's five research profiles.

The graduate students carry out their PhD thesis work under the guidance of two supervisors. The dissertation work provides ample scope for creativity and depth in a special area. A further important aspect of the program is to take part of a broader research network in Sweden and abroad, including participation in international conferences and courses.

Some of the courses in the program are mandatory and some are elective. The courses are conducted at the Department at Umeå University or other universities. It is also possible to read specifically tailored reading courses that are based on the needs that arise in the dissertation work.

Postgraduate studies in social work can lead to a licentiate degree or a doctoral degree. Training must include 120 credits for a licentiate degree and 240 credits for a doctoral degree. Postgraduate studies in social work are completed by completing four years of doctoral studies, which consists of a course part that counts for 90 ECTS credits and a dissertation that relates to 150 ECTS credits. Postgraduate studies in social work, which ends with a licentiate degree, consists of two years of studies that includes a course part of 60 ECTS credits and a licentiate thesis that counts for 60 ECTS credits. Courses at Master level, up 60 points, can be credited in the postgraduate studies.

Detailed rules on the eligibility requirements, course content, tutoring, etc. can be found in the general curriculum.

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