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Senior Lecturer in Social Work, Associate Professor (docent) in Sociology. Coordinator for [the Swedish research network for neuropsychiatric disabilities with social sciences and the humanities


Supervising undergraduate theses.

I am currently involved in supervising three PhD students. Faten Nouf studies autism and worklife, Linda Arnell studies violent young women and Magdalena Sjöberg studies young parents.


My empirical research focus has revolved around autism, identity politics, sexual, gendered and age normativities. I have a strong interest in discursive psychology and ethnographic methodology.

I dissertated in Sociology within The Graduate School of Gender studies 2007 with my PhD thesis

Moderately similar, moderately different: a discussion of power, rhetorics and bi-theoretical/sexual subjectivities (Lagom lika, lagom olika: en diskussion om makt, retorik och bi-teoretiska/sexuella subjektiviteter, Thesis in Swedish, published by h:ström - Text & Kultur). In the thesis I explore meanings of bisexuality among men with bisexual experiences aged 20-30 and in Swedish mainstream news press 1995-2005 through the lense of critical bisexual theory and discursive psychology. Between July 2009-June 2013 I was a Research Fellow in Gender Studies and Sociology. I became an Associate Professor in Sociology in 2011. Since July 2013 I am a Senior Lecturer in Social Work.

Since 2006 I have been involved in three research projects. Two of them are in a wider sense connected to my phD thesis; centred around sexual, gender and age normativity. The first one explores homonormative meanings of homosexual male identity through the case of meanings of bisexuality in the Swedish gay press 1954-1986. The second one explores meanings of bisexuality among men with bisexual experiences aged 30-65. In the third project I explore identity politics in the Swedish autistic self-advocacy movement through the lenses of crip theory and critical perspectives within autism studies (Asperger Syndrome as practice, identity and politics)

Currently, I am directing one research project:

Worklife and adults with autism – a study on representations of autism and worklife among adults with autism, among employers and in media (Arbetsliv och vuxna med autism  – en studie om föreställningar om autism och arbetslivet bland vuxna med autism, arbetsgivare och i media). The project is funded by FORTE: Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare and project information is available here.




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